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Azure PowerShell ARM Profile

If you’re using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) cmdlets and debugging scripts in the ISE, it can be painful to keep executing Login-AzureRmAccount to establish a connection to the subscription on which you want to execute your code against.  As you know

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Microsoft Azure, Cloud and Enterprise Symbol / Icon Set – Visio stencil, PowerPoint, PNG

Microsoft has released an update (10/22/2015) to their Visio stencils and images for use in drawing architectural and system diagrams using the Microsoft platform technologies.  In order to improve and streamline our communications, understanding of our proposals, document / create

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Selecting / Managing Multiple Azure Subscriptions w/PowerShell

Everything changes and nothing stands still. – Heraclitus Azure is no different than any other technology in this respect, thus patterns and practices used just one or two years ago are now obsolete.  Since the launch of Azure customers have

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Azure Networking – Connecting Multiple Azure Regions via Site-To-Site VPN

  Background Summary There are many blog posts out there that attempt to cover this topic in detail.  Microsoft has provided rudimentary documentation on this subject since early 2015.  Unfortunately none of the resources (Blogs/Microsoft) cover this topic in enough

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Getting Started w/Azure & PowerShell

Getting Started Azure PowerShell-BostonAzureGroup On Monday, March 23rd I presented this session for the Boston Azure User Group at the Microsoft New England Research & Development Center in Cambridge. For those who attended, Thank You!  As promised the link above is a

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Manage Windows Azure IaaS w/PowerShell

Quite often when creating new Virtual Machines in Azure IaaS we find ourselves looking up the available Azure VM Role Sizes on a Region by Region basis.  What I’d like to have handy is a quick Excel spreadsheet that I

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Export multiple Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V Guests with PowerShell Part II

Expanding upon the basics demonstrated in Part I of this series, let’s now look at exporting multiple machines using a single PowerShell script.  We’ll use the same director structure as outlined in Part I, but here we have a few

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